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The Lucille Tote - Free Tutorial

Introducing The Lucille Tote! We are loving this versatile and fun tote. It's the perfect size - big enough to carry everything you need but not so big that it's annoying to carry around. This tote is an extension of our Favorite Tote that we blogged about a while back.

The Lucille Tote is a simple square bottom tote bag with large pockets designed for you to feature your favorite fabric. We all have that fabric that we love and want to use in something so bad but feel weird cutting into. This is your chance to use it in something you can use every single day and enjoy!

For this sample, we used this pretty floral linen canvas for the bottom of the bag and a coordinating linen solid for the top. We added an outside pocket to The Lucille Tote which is great to keep those items that you want easy access to! You can use webbing for the handles or leather that you can rivet to the bag. We have an awesome rivet press here at the store that you can use to make this a super easy and fast process.

All you'll need for this bag is:

1/2 yard of canvas or linen canvas for the bottom exterior

1 yard canvas or linen canvas for the top exterior, pocket and zipper lining

1/2 yard quilting cotton, canvas, or linen canvas for the lining

2/3 Decor Bond interfacing

18" zipper

2-25" lengths of webbing or leather for the handles

You can get the free tutorial HERE or stop in the store to check out the sample bag and pick up the tutorial! Be sure to share your Lucille Totes with us on Instagram or Facebook by using #mtsew or #mtlucilletote

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