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Whimsical Kites - Free Tutorial

Simple whimsical Kites are the perfect decoration for a party, child’s room, or your new baby’s nursery! They can easily be hung from the ceiling or a window. We have made two sizes but with our instructions you can make them as big or as small as you’d like.

What you need:

1/2 yard (for the small kite) or 3/4 yard (for the large kite) of any woven fabric (we’ve used home dec canvas and quilting cotton)

5” x 18” strip of fabric or (4) 5” x 4” fabric pieces for the frame pockets

1- 2 1/2” x 30 - 40” strip of fabric for the tail

Scraps for the tale ties

String or embroidery thread

Sticks for the frame

Clear ruler

Rotary cutter or scissors

Frixon Pen or other marking tool

Seam gauge

Optional: Pruning Shears or Branch Cutter

Step 1 - Cut out the kite:

Lay your fabric out flat, wrong side up, and follow the guide below to draw the kite shape in either the small or large size (in parenthesis).

Connect the lines according to the drawing. Then add 1” seam allowance all the way around.

Cut out the kite.

Step 2 - Hem:

Lay your fabric out, wrong side up. Fold the four corners down until the fold meets the point of your lines, press.

Use your seam gauge to fold each raw edge down 1/2” inch, press. Fold down 1/2” again, press.

Step 3 - Create frame pockets:

Fold the 5” x 18” strip in half, wrong sides together so that your piece is 2 1/2" tall.

Lay the point of the kite on top of the strip with the fold toward the kite as pictured. Trace the kite point with a Frixon pen.

Cut out the triangle.

Place the triangle on the wrong side of the kite and stitch in place as close to the raw edge as possible.

You can add channels to the pockets. This helps keep the sticks in place. Usually a 1” channel works well unless you have really thick sticks. Just test the pocket before you do this step.

Step 4 - Build the frame:

Cut or break the sticks to fit the pockets.

Wrap the string around the cross in the frame to secure the frame.

Step 5 - Attach the Tail:

Make a large loop on one end of the tail fabric by folding the end down and stitching it in place.

Slide the tail on the bottom of the frame through the loop.

Tie small scraps on the tail.

Step 6 - Hang Your Kite!

Use fishing line or string to hang your kite as desired.

How to mix it up!

Piece the fabric. If you’d like a more finished look, use french seams. If you are more of a quick, leave it raw kind of sewer, skip the french seams and do some improve piecing. Simply piece how you’d like and than follow the directions above to make a kite.

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