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Handmade Giving for Women - FREE Tote Bag Tutorial

We have a fun new pattern we want to share with you! The Favorite Tote is a simple square bottom tote bag, but was designed as a way for you to feature your favorite fabric. You know that fat quarter that you just love but don't know how to use? This is the project! Have a fabric you love but can't find the right things to compliment it? Just choose a solid canvas and let your favorite fabric steal the show.

Our first sample bag was made using our Dyed Solid Canvas in black which was waxed after we sewed the bag. The wax adds some stiffness to the fabric and riches the color of the fabric. Our feature fabric is our favorite Mammoth Flannel. Luckily it only takes a fat quarter for the pocket, because our flannel flies out faster than even we can get our hands on it! This beautiful grey and black plaid just came in, so there are plenty of fat quarters still around. The handles are made form a 7oz brown leather. This weight can be a little heavy to sew through, so we used our press and riveted them in place. (Stop in the shop for this step and use our press! We'll help you!)

Our second sample uses gray Moleskin, which can be best described as a heavy canvas flannel. It is AMAZING! The pocket features our favorite fabric from Purebred by Erin Michael. On this bag we actually stitched the leather handles onto the bag. This leather is about 3.5oz and can easily be sewn with a heavy duty needle and a long stitch length.

The simplicity of the tote means this is a really quick sew! Find a favorite fabric for each of the ladies on your list and make them their own Favorite Tote! Download the FREE pattern here!

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